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Only for Mature Audiences! Please do not play if your easily disturbed.

Renai Sutori is a high school student surrounded by three close friends she secretly  has feelings for. Luckily for her, they do as well. When it comes to love and romance for Renai, will they reveal their true colors to her?

~Meet the Girls~






F4 to shift into Fullscreen and Windowed Mode

Enter = Confirm

Shift/Z = Skip

Esc = Restart

Final Note

The game/build is an old demo pitched back from 2017. I'm currently working on the game with a new direction, and new characters. The main character will still be present, but don't get to use to the YELLOW Rival.. Plus, Yellow is the only option you can play in the current prototype build. If you enjoyed, thank you so much for playing and I hope you will like what I have in store for the series! :)



[colored feelings] demo.RAR 26 MB

Development log


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Can i talk to you ChristianMeans

So I finished the game but... How is getting murdered by a butcher knife a good end?

Hello, sorry for the LATE response. But dear god I looked back at the game footage and I didn't know how terrible It was and for that ending, I wanted to make It seem like she was a bad person that deserved death, but didn't really deliver in the game correctly. I may come back to this project in the future or so and make it better, hopefully!

Hey! I just want to say that this game was amazing, it was some of the most genuine fun i've ever expierenced. I think some of it was the fact I was recording, getting to make jokes and have a sort of running dialouge with the characters made it so much more fun. That being said, even without that a game that can freak me out so much so quickly, especially after making me laugh my ass off, deserves a ton of praise. 

You guys have done a great job and i'm excited to see how this continues to develop. I can't wait to play the other storylines when they come in.

Aww, thank you for the kind feedback. Glad you enjoyed! ^w^

This was amazing ! I really liked the whole atmosphere.

Hiya! I'd like to start off by saying that I enjoyed playing through the demo, it was fun to read  and watch the events  unfold. The story had me guessing most of the way through, some of my predictions were correct but some things caught me by surprise which was quite nice. 

The art style is very nice, bright and colorful which is a nice contrast given the pretty dark story. I also liked the music that you used in the game and that it changed for each day, kept things fresh...especially on the final day.

If the demo is any indication as to where the game is going then I imagine it will turn out very well. I look forward to seeing some new characters added and the directions in which their stories will go.

I hope you don't mind, but I recorded a let's play of the demo for my youtube channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you!


Awww, thank you so much for the positive feedback and stay tuned for more to come! :D


This is a work in progress and, i'm sure it will keep getting better in time! I did a play through and, thought the art style was just fine.  Had to re-record and see the art style change. Wasn't sure why but, still good. I noticed there are more color choices this time around instead of just yellow and, blue. Alas though you can only choose yellow not sure if this is intentional or not. I am also unsure of as to why the color is important as, I don't see any impact it has on the game. Also curious about the name change. I saw in my game flies on the first game it was titled slaughtered hearts. Very curious indeed. As previously mentioned the long pauses in between  are harsh. Atleast to a let's player! hahaha Also like i stated before the background music while excellent is super loud. There is no in game option to turn it down. Sorry if i'm nit picking I really did find it to be a good VN.

Thank you for the feedback! And for right now, Yellow is the only color Route that is completed, and the other colors will be created and added soon. In the future I do want to add Options to turn certain objects on or off.  Thank you again for the feedback and stay tuned for more  of the game, since a lot will be added in time!! :)

One last thing, I believe the reason it's called Slaughter Hearts in the file  is because way before in development, that was the Original title and I forgot to change it to Colored Feelings. XD Oops..

I think the second time I played the game files said colored feelings. Thought it was interesting though. I thought maybe Slaughter Hearts was the original naming. I can see why with the *SPOILER ALERT*  way that it goes at the end.  So the name change was probably needed not to give away the premise of the game. :P

  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~ 

This was a pretty fun read. I liked the vibrant color palette of the artwork  and the story, although a bit easy to predict, was entertaining. I'm assuming some inspiration came from Charon, and if that is indeed the case then this is pretty spot on in terms of style and formula.  If you ever make more games like this, I'd definitely give it a try as this was a ton of fun.

With that said, I also have some suggestions. While playing, there were sometimes long pauses between dialogue.  I edited out those pauses in the video so I can't pinpoint where each pause was, but I think it's best to remove them or just shorten it altogether. The grammar and spelling were a bit off sometimes, but it wasn't anything too bad. Lastly, this type of game would benefit from a skip dialogue or fast forward dialogue option since there's no saving. 

Since this is still in its developmental state, I'm looking forward to the finished product. 

Good job~

Thank you for playing! ^w^

I noticed a ton of Errors while in development and your criticism helped out a lot! Thank you once again, I shall release a new build with more functions like saving and proper grammar very soon! :)

Hey! Colored feelings was very fun and enjoyable to read! I hope you make more. Oh man what a twist!

Thanks for playing! And there's gonna be a lot more soon!! ^w^